Payment, Jurisdiction & Cancelation


Payment via wire transfer

Wire payments are the most secure and fastest method of payment. You can print these instructions to make it easier for your bank. You may deduct $10 from your payment against the wire charge [explain to your US bank that this is a domestic wire].

Beneficiary: INTERCAM CASA DE BOLSA, S.A. de C.V.
Address of Beneficiary: Rio Tiber No.63 Col. Cuahutemoc Mexico, D.F. 06500
Account No. 044 21 515
Bank: Deutsche Bank
Branch Address: 60 Wall St New York, N. Y. 10005-2858 U.S.A.
ABA (ROUTING) 021 001 033 (for Domestic transfers)
For Further Credit: Robert or Carol Merchasin InterCam Account # 3516

NOTE: Sending me the following information allows me to find your payment faster.
- Name of your bank
- Name of the actual sender (you?)
- Exact amount of transfer [add a few cents to your payment; it’s easier to find]
- Date and time of transfer
- Wire transaction ID#
Please send this info to me as soon as the bank has concluded the transaction.

Please send this info to me as soon as the bank has concluded the transaction.

Payment via personal check, bank check or money order

Send to:
PLEASE: Make your check payable to: INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS ACCT # 324 769
ON THE MEMO LINE WRITE: Merchasin account # 0880 324 769
Please notify us via email when you send a payment. We will confirm receipt via email.

Jurisdiction of Distuptes

Any dispute initiated by Owner(s), Guest or guests or invitees of Guest, arising from this agreement; from either the attempt to rent or the actual occupancy of the said premises; or arising in any other manner connected with the offer to rent and the actual rental of the premises, shall be governed by the laws of Mexico and settled exclusively by the courts of Mexico having proper jurisdiction over real estate rentals of property situated in Mexico and any claims arising therefrom.


If you find that you must cancel your reservation, we have the following policy:

1. We will make every effort to re-rent the property. IF WE ARE ABLE TO DO SO, we will refund your payments, minus any amount by which the re-rental amount is lower than the amount of the original rental. We also will deduct a $250 re-booking fee.

2. Please Note: We do not warrant or guaranty in any way that we will be able to re-rent, whether at the original price or a reduced price. However, we do make every reasonable effort to do so.